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Residential Construct

Residential construction include Single Family homes, Apartment Complexes, Remodeling, & Fire Restorations.

Commerical Remodel "Before"

This building was built circa 1960 and was remodeled for Southwest Counseling offices. (see adjoining Photo)

Commerical Remodels "After"

Renovated Offices for Southwest Counseling. !6,000 sqft. Other similar renovations: Las Montanas Charter High School, New America Charter High School, Doctors and Dental Offices

Commerical Construction

Laredo Crossing Shopping Center Loredo, Texas. 15,000 sqft New Construction. Other similar projects in: San Angelo Tx, Oklahoma City, Lompoc Ca, Baltimore Md, Deming NM, Carlsbad NM, Las Cruces NM.

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